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Pentard Couture prides itself on high quality custom designs. Our looks walk the red carpet at award shows and the runway at LA Fashion Week, and our customers include celebrities known around the world. The Pentard Couture label creates elegant one-of-a-kind custom pieces, while our Pentard label offers stylish ready-to-wear looks. The Pentard brand appeals to men and women who only wear the finest quality clothing.


Pentard takes its name from Dorion Pentard, the co-founder and CEO of our brand. Dorion is an alumnus of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), and his love of fashion dates back to his childhood. With a keen eye for trends, Dorion learned early how to create his own looks that make customers feel both luxurious and special. In fact, as early as high school Dorion’s classmates literally bought the clothes off his back, as he introduced them to up-to-date stylish wear. 


In 2015, Dorion took Pentard Couture abroad on a worldwide tour, where he hosted photo shoots in Canada, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Peru, and New York. On his tour, Dorion worked with industry experts, high-end models, and clients, building the Pentard name in the fashion world. 


Pentard Couture was co-founded by Dorion’s mom, Paula Davis, who has decades of fashion design experience, dating back to creating patterns from newspaper as a young girl. She sewed clothing for her children and later built her passion into the Pentard Couture brand. Dorion and Paula work seamlessly to bring high fashion and ready-to-wear designs to runways, fashion shows, and streets around the world.


The Pentard brand will continue to style and dress the future. From single custom pieces to bulk orders, as well as our red carpet rental boutique, our quality beats any other brand. Keep an eye on our website for Pentard Couture news, including our forthcoming Pentard Boutiques. 



Los Angeles-based Pentard Couture and Pentard are both designed for men and women who desire quality clothing at its finest.